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Artist | Student | Varied
Special thanks to :iconlillooler: , who is inspiring me a lot and whose gallery is more than gorgeous and even more beautiful! Please check her out :)
Also a wonderful artist AND great author is :iconwolfanita: with amazing humor featured in her pictures. :)
Also a beautiful gallery have :iconwayward-drui: :) and :iconconcora: They are all four very amazing :)

To introduce myself, I am a student at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität (university) Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany (EWF part in Nürnberg) , studying arts and the english language, both in all its variations. My aim is it to become a student at the Kunstakademie Nürnberg.
I am currently 19 years old.

I'm drawing and painting since I can remember. With 11 I started to write my first book "Niraxina-Der Kampf um Freiheit" (Niraxina- the fight for freedom), which got published when I was 15.
Currently, I am writing a new story I'm talking of as the book project "Akilayandra" in lack of a better/real title.
Sometimes I do art that is related to these stories, sometimes unrelated. Mostly, first one, because I'm always thinking about it and my pictures are mirrors of my thoughts. I tend to listen to music while painting/drawing, usually resembling my mood.

To add, all those stories develop through my Headworld and it seems it has developed quite a life on its own, myself lives there too in one way or the other (one way or the other: me and the black dragoness with the poisonous green eyes)
Sometimes, the Headworld's creatures come and visit me. Very entertaining, inspirating but also frightening, due to the fact that I always put something of myself into a new character I've created.

If I'm not at the university or painting/drawing/writing, I'm quite a fan of various genres of music, especially heavy metal, soundtracks and trailer music.
I also have been horseback riding for eight years and do archery for almost two years now.

I would be very happy if I received critique and helpful tips on what and how I could improve. I'm a calm person and rarely get angry or mad. Soooooo... just ask anything you want to. :)
I always love to talk/write. ;)
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: X Ray-Dog - Black Fortis
  • Reading: Neil Gaiman-Sandman Präludien Notturni
  • Watching: /
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Character pictures:
I did three pictures so far which I wanted to base on their most esential selves. I'll continue that until I've got 'em all :) There's no chronological order or something, I do it randomly, pick one and think about their most esential self and how to show it. :)

Súrah: Passionate to be free by BlackfireSouls Luvin: Bravery by BlackfireSouls the God of War: War - Eye of the Storm by BlackfireSouls I would be very happy to get some thoughts about how you like them or what you don't like about them. :)

Enjoy! :) More will come soon!

When you create OCs, do you put something of yourself into them? 

1 deviant said Yes, always! (Why?)
1 deviant said Well, sometimes, when I feel like it or it has a special reason. (What reason?)
No deviants said Something of myself into them? Nonsense! Of course not! (Why not?)
No deviants said Pfffff! I don't care! ( :( )



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